Discover the powerful opportunities you will access by using the SkillzRun platform in areas like:

language training / tourism / HR training / general training / and others

Theory and practice


Simplified learning constructor : alternate your educational videos with memorization tools and exercise sets !

  • Easy publication of the videos/audio of the lesson
  • Organization of steps in a few clicks
  • Navigation planning: theory / practice / training / validation
  • Imports and exports of content for lessons

Knowledge testing and results validation


Knowledge testing and results validation


  • Automatic or manual validation
  • Level-by-level passage after a succesful exam or test result
  • Implementation of augmented reality and gamification 

Anchoring knowledge

Practical exercise formats for active behavior during learning 


  • Filling in blanks
  • Word order
  • Spelling
  • Audio answers
  • Written answers

+ validation of answers by teacher

Do you need a specific type of exercise?
We will develop personalized exercises for your school!

Administrative assistance


A centralized tool to manage your education courses, school / or online events


  • Calendar management and event scheduling
  • Push notifications
  • Receive payments directly via the app
  • Management of users, training schedules and payments


  • Tasks to perform
  • Missions to complete
  • Points to earn
  • User ranking

Detailed statistics

Detailed statistics

Reporting automatically generated to follow students’ progression.


Key concepts / vocabulary / lexicon


Scroll through key concepts to facilitate memorization exercises

You can also add text material for each lesson of the module:

  • Words, sentences, key concepts
  • Practice and repetition around key concepts
  • Permanent access to learned elements
  • Classification of validated concepts
  • Targeted revisions for a better learning organization

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