How to digitise your educational process with SkillzRun ?

April 20, 2021

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To digitize your training, you will have to consider the structure of your content carefully. The student is not accompanied by a teacher while having a lesson, which means that you must adapt your approach. Teaching is about making your students comprehend, as well as guiding them how to apply their knowledge into practice. In the process of using the mobile application, students will navigate through the educational content and lessons, a series of theoretical materials, videos, audio recordings, exercises, etc. That’s how we will replace the face-to-face classes!

Choosing the Approach

 The Approach itself is a great part of your pedagogy. How would you choose your approach? Are you going to create your summary and your titles using an academic approach, a competence-based approach, or scripted?

The academic approach

This approach is especially popular in France due to national education system. On the other hand, this mode of “navigation” is difficult to combine with digital platforms and requires deep participation from a student. If you choose to use this approach, it is important to keep track of the length of your videos, documents, and the number of exercises. Remember that it is important to supplement each new lesson with a practical exercise that ensures the student’s participation and involvement, his activity in the learning process.

The contextual approach

This approach is the most classic one when it comes to online language learning tools. At the cafe, restaurant, airport, etc… The main focus here is to put the student in an everyday situation, with vocabulary and standard sentences to learn. With lists of words to remember and repeat, sentences to validate or reconstruct, the digital navigation aims to teach people these phrases by heart. Although it can only serve as a gateway, and does not allow you to “feel” the language or fully learn its mechanisms, this method works extremely well for consistent and motivated students.

An educational adventure

This teaching method is only for the brave ones! It consists of scripting the course, and involving the student in a personalized way. By mixing the contextual approach and a “diluted” school approach, we will tell a story and create educational suspense. This is often more complicated than other approaches, and requires a content creation team that is very involved in the students’ journey.

Navigation, structure, ergonomics …

You have to understand that whatever your pedagogical approach is, you will have to create steps that will structure your student’s progress. The model “lesson 1, step 1-a, step 1-b, step 2-a, step 2-b, etc.” goes well with a computerized approach. As well, you will have to consider several fundamental aspects:

Short steps

This is the fundamental rule of any digital approach. Numerous studies of the properties of the human brain have shown the benefit of multiple short sessions (review or exercise) over long sessions. In clicking, your student actively participates in the course’s journey. With the clicks from your user, it is you who must anticipate them upstream: you are in control and responsible for their stages of progress. By making them click as often as possible, you will be sure to support them by respecting the codes of digital immersion.

Reward your students

This one doesn’t need to be explained… A user who unlocks a level, takes the top spot, wins a trophy or badge will be inclined to stay. An e-learning model must include some aspects of gamification. You will need to modify lots of things. This is one of the advantages of a digital approach: the administrators can change anything, anytime. So it is a good idea to make sure from the start that your content production model makes it possible to integrate, replace or modify as easily as possible whatever you want.

Skillzrun – you can do anything

The navigation structure is designed the way you can combine these three approaches.







Content administration – Must be: simple, flexible and editable

Whatever your teaching approach, it is absolutely essential that you can easily manage, organize and regularly modify your content, without having to master the IT tools behind the technology. Skillzrun’s clear and intuitive administration interface is an asset that should not be overlooked.

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