“From Outsource to Edtech” by Andrey Samoilenko, co-founder of SkillzRun

April 29, 2021
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From Outsource to EdTech

One positive thing about this whole saga of lockdowns is the ability to stop the weekly race and take a little look at your activity and how far you’ve come.
We have already been providing IT services with the WeeTeam team for near 8 years. Starting with small sites in 2013, we arrived in 2021 with more than 100 projects carried out in very different areas of digital: from e-commerce to virtual reality and iOT for customers like Mazda, Adidas, Sodexo, etc.

From the start of my outsourcing activity, I was absolutely drawn to this variety of fields and sectors – it was a sort of challenge to have to “dive” into a new sector, with its culture, ecosystem and team, and so many new variables to consider. Adopting this diversity without losing quality is a real professional challenge – well done to the successful outsourcers!

On the other hand, it gave me the impression of being a little dispersed professionally, of not having one sector of deep expertise, except for general expertise in the provision of IT services, which makes you a bit of an expert in digital at least. This “dispersion” had prompted me to search for a precise area where I could deepen and apply my technical skills, acquired during those years of outsourcing – an area where, for example, I could potentially apply my XR skills with expertise in creating web interfaces, all in order to have a really USEFUL product for the market.

I had the chance to meet Julien Dussause, who introduced me to the EdTech world through an LMS development project for his language school. Thanks to this expertise, I later carried out some important projects in EdTech, like interactive applications for the elderly, learning LSF/ASL, etc. Like that, my skills in digital learning began to prevail over others…

All this led up to a project that is now called SkillzRun.com.
The idea from the start was to create an easy-to-use, customisable and easy-to-learn tool for users and administrators, and which could be applied in different sectors of activity (linguistics, corporate, professional training, etc.).
“What training organisation today can do without a digital tool to support the career of its students?” This question was asked in 2014 when we started the first edtech project, and in the era of COVID-19, it is even more relevant.

There were 4 main problems we absolutely needed to resolve with SkillzRun :

1. Mobile app in addition to a web version
2. User-friendly and ergonomic back-office with simple / auto generation of content
3. Flexibility of platform with the option to integrate any learning process –
4. Usability in such sectors as corporate learning, linguistic, professional etc.

Also, we needed to take in consideration the new trends of EdTech, such as :

Blended learning: a mix between online and offline learning
Micro-learning: content separated into small parts
Gamification: learning through activities and missions
• Flexibility & modularity: Each organization, and often even each trainer, has specific needs. With our tool, the teacher can choose what to send, to whom to send it, and what to ask for as an exercise for a particular student (or group of students).
• Implementation new technologies: Follow the sign of the times. Plan tomorrow’s technologies today: your choice of technology shouldn’t block your future opportunities.
Follow the sign of the times. Plan tomorrow’s technologies today: your choice of technology shouldn’t block your future opportunities.

Today, after 4 years of development, we have brought together everything that is trending in EdTech, trying to stay in a fun plug & play mode even for people who are not “digital.”
Now we are in the implementation phase with some schools and corporate learning clients. I am absolutely passionate about the EdTech field and the range of possibilities that are opening up to the world of training with the arrival of new technologies.

Version 1 of SkillzRun is available free here: https://skillzrun.com/admin/#/registration

Thanks to the whole team for setting this up! A great experience in technical management in EdTech – we continue the adventure! #dev #technique #innovation #bigup #edtech


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