Platform News April-May

September 30, 2021

We want to share with you new features of the platform! Most of them were introduced at the request of our first customers)

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That’s what is now available:

  1. Section “Theory” inside the lesson

Content Manager can add texts / video / audio / Link to any external resources or materials. Also PDF with the possibility of zoom and optional option to download the file.

  1. Homework with feedback from the teacher. 

Now the student can give answers to a task with text or voice, and the teacher in a special section in the back office can give this assessment and comment. Push notifications are configured both for a student and for the teacher.

  1. Illustrations for words and exercises . Now there is an opportunity to add an illustration to each word and even respond with pictures!
  2. Format exercise “Find a pair ” (Match up) and “ fill in the passes “Fill the Gaps” are already available to the Android version.

  3. Video/Audio questions from the teacher and answers from students (!) which can be recorded directly in the application.

    • The finished base for ~ 5000 words (translations, transcription, voice acting) and ~ 1000 idioms in English, which you can use when creating lessons.

    Autogeneration of exercises to test the knowledge of words:

    You choose words from which exercises are automatically generated using the original word, translation, picture, audio and transcription.

    In terms of the coming month

    • Lightly radiise of applications

    • New types of exercises:

    • Possibility of recording video answers and attaching photos to homework

    • Web version for viewing from computers

    • The ability to automate the sale of the course with automatic issuance of access after the purchase.


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